The Volga River Golf & Resort

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Yaroslavl Golf Federation.

The Yaroslavl Golf Federation (YGF) is a non profit organization.

The YGF was founded at the end of 2008. Today the YGF is a member of the Russian Golf Association and was registered by the Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy of the Russian Federation.

The main goals of the YGF according to five year program are popularizing golf in the Yaroslavl region, developing of junior golf, creating possibilities for general public to play golf.

The YGF - is the initiator of the project The Volga River Golf & Resort, its ideologist and the controller.

The president - Alexander Alekseevich Sedukhin.


The Volga River Golf & Resort.


The Volga River Golf & Resort is a resort of world class.

The city of Yaroslavl is part of the so called ‘Golden Ring‘ of Russia.  In 2010 it is going to celebrate its 1000 anniversary.

The land site where the Volga River Golf and Resort will be built is located on the left bank of the Volga river, near to the Tolgsky Convent, founded in 1314.  The golf course will stretch along the bank of the river for more than 2 miles.

The Volga river Golf & Resort is 27 hole golf course - unique parkland with the cascade of natural and man-made ponds. Pine wood and night illumination will create atmosphere of positive emotions, romantic moods and aesthetic pleasures.

The design of The Volga River Golf & Resort will pay special attention to the view of magnificent landscapes of the golf course, style and harmony of surrounding architecture from the river Volga for sailing boats and cruise ships passing by.

As a united architectural decision of design, the use of Russian classicism is envisaged - a universal style used to construct imposing golf manor‘s and other necessary infrastructure.

The Volga River Golf & Resort is also going to function as a yacht-club.

Thus, it is easy to see how a unique landscape gardening culture of the Russian manor, through the use of new architectural unity, is created on the territory of The Volga River Golf & Resort.

Additionally, a construction of a chapel within this new structure will serve to unite special interrelations of objects, forming a strong presence and a natural focal point of the club.


The site location.

A recreational complex The Volga River Golf & Resort will be constructed on the territory of Yaroslavl, near the Tolgsky Convent founded in 1314.

Functional zoning of the territory will provide the most effective lay-out of the ground area and will create conditions of economic viability of the project.

A total area about 1 900 000 sq. m, is divided into 3 (three) functional zones.

All elements of the planning structure supplement and strengthen each other, creating the general cumulative market appeal exceeding those that individual components of the project could generate separately.

Balance of territories.

Recreation territory.  A total area 870 000 sq. m.


Objects of a recreation area

Total area of the site, sq. m


18 holes private golf course

from 650 000


Training field "driving range"

to 25 000


Training field "putting-green"

from 500


Building of the Golf Academy

to 2 000


The Club House.

from 2 000


Greenkeepers‘ offices

from 500


The area for driveways, sidewalks, platforms and lawns

from 4 000


Shore line with a yacht-club

from 30 000


Water security zone of the river Volga

to 156 000



870 000

The golf course is the main element defining the further high level of technologies and materials applied in the building, the subsequent service and the services.  This will create a product with unique consumer properties.

The golf course attracts consumers at macro level.  This will consequently create a comfortable environment inside the golf club.

Inhabited territory.  A total area 440 000 sq.m.


Objects of an  inhabited territory

Total area of the site, sq. m


Complex of golf villas for residents, up to 50

to 330 000


The area of driveways, sidewalks, platforms

from 110 000



440 000

The architectural concept of building the golf villas will meet the maximum demand of customers, both for the internal lay-out as well the preserved general style.

 Public Territories.  A total area 590 000 sq.m.


Objects of a public territory

Total area of the site, sq. m


9 holes public golf course

to 400 000


Mini-golf course

from 2 000


Sports centre

to 4 000


Mountain-skiing line

from 40 000



from 8 000


Golf villas for leasing, up to 50

to 60 000


The area of driveways, sidewalks, platforms

from 24 000


Objects for playing sports and rest in an open air, a total area:
Walking, running, bicycle paths (skiing tracks).
Children‘s playgrounds.
The open areas for sports and rest (skating rink).

to 40 000



River beaches and places for picnics.

to 10 000


Objects of engineering maintenance of the golf club

from 2 000



590 000

The golf course, sports centre, mountain-skiing line, hotel and golf villas for rent are all considered as inter-dependent entities, capable of generating regular, year-round income. Additional convenience is the presence of open areas for sports and rest.

Diversity of activities and services will serve to reduce seasonal fluctuations of demand in various market segments.


The project bears in itself an idea of creation of an all year around sports-recreational complex. The complex will consist of: an 18 hole championship golf course, a 9 holes public golf course, a yacht-club, mountain-skiing line, fitness centre, restaurants, open-air sports grounds, a hotel with 120 rooms, villas and recreation grounds.

The level of the project, style in architecture, makes us hope that a unique project of The Volga River Golf & Resort is capable to become the rare precious ruby which is used to decorate the city of Yaroslavl since the end of XVIII century.

Yaroslavl is worth meeting the beginning of the second millennium with the The Volga River Golf & Resort.